Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

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Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is a ceremony where two people are merged in a knot of love. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, religions. Wedding functions involve an exchange of marriage avowal by the couple. Special wedding dresses are often wear by the wedding couples. Music, food, decoration, dance etc are also commonly incorporated into the wedding ceremony.

In Western and christian custom bride and groom wears a white wedding dress. In India traditional wedding bride and groom often wear red lehnga and shervani. Ring ceremony function is often celebrate before wedding.In this couples exchange rings with each other and when a couple wore rings on this finger, their hearts were connected.

In Hindu weddings the vows are in Sanskrit, the language of the Hindu scriptures. The wedding celebrations starts before several days of wedding day. Haldi function is also there before marriage. Many people dress by theme ie all wear yellow dresses. Mehendi ceremony is a ritual in Hindu weddings, where Henna application takes place on bride’s hands and legs, before the wedding. All these rituals Have a specific meaning. All enjoy these rituals very much. Thus wedding is an integral part of life and the most beautiful part of life.

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    Wedding is a god gift relation. its really awesome blog .

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