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Wedding Decoration

In Indian weddings , wedding is very special day for girl as well as boy. In weddings a lot of rituals are there . Days before that are spent in the planning for the big day. What to wear on every occasion to the perfect venue and wedding decoration? Although the modern trend is to hire a wedding planner who takes care of all the events. Weddings in India are still largely considered a family affair where members of the extended family share the responsibility of planning and executing various tasks. Wedding Decoration  is very important task for everyone. Everybody dreams of his/her wedding to be memorable. It includes the back stage decoration and hall decoration. A lot of thought and consideration goes in the perfect set of decoration. Starting from flowers to the stage to the lights, everything needs to be on point to make the day perfect.
It is becoming more and more important to set a central color theme in the event of a wedding. Each color has a significance and all the decoration are centered on that particular color or colors. From wedding invitation cards to the jewelry, the Varmala , the table centerpieces, everything should match to the chosen color scheme.
Red and Gold is the most favored color in the Hindu Indian Weddings. It affords a rare mixture of traditions, red being the traditional choice for bride’s wedding attire. There are many more colors like pink, royal blue, green, brown etc. When you choose flowers decoration for the wedding then it become more attractive. Fragrance of flowers delight everyone and looks beautiful.

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